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Drumming Ideas
  1. What you practice with you hands, practice with your feet. What you practice with you feet, practice with your hands. What you practice with your limbs, practice with your mouth.
  2. Learn good hand technique. Fast players use multiple muscles to get speed and accents and endurance.
  3. Reverse it. Play left handed leads. Set up your kit backwards sometimes.
  4. Practice drills to a metronome at a good basic speed, like 110 bpm. Be sure and keep perfect form. Play them until you are going crazy with boredom. This is a good time to learn to meditate. Once, while riding the bus to work, I played quarter note triplets at 192 bpm for 20 minutes.
  5. Practice drills as fast as you can play them evenly, and play them until your muscles burn. For most people this will be less than a minute. Let the burn drain away. Repeat a few times. These are your calisthenics. They are boring, but they make everything else possible.
  6. Practice along with records that amaze you, not records you know you can play with. It's okay to feel foolish in your own practice space. You need the challenge.
  7. Your practice should raise up your skill so high that even on your bad days, you are good. Playing out live becomes more fun then.
  8. You find a good teacher by trying them all out. A good teacher is anyone who knows more than you and who can teach you that knowledge. If you aren't getting anything out of the relationship, even if you were at first, respectfully take your leave, and find your next teacher.
  9. Learn to play the basic beats in as many genres of music as you can. This broadening of knowledge will help you understand your preferred music, and also makes it possible to insert parodies into your music.
  10. Laugh at your mistakes, but never forget them. Hunt them down later.
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